About  Us

What to know more about us?

Lvxchange.com is a reliable, trusted and quick paying trading website where customers can exchange their bitcoins and giftcards for instant naira payments.

Lvxchange.com is duly registered under Leewhyte Ventures. We are the top bitcoin and giftcard trader in the business and for the past 2 years, we have been buying and converting bitcoins and giftcards to naira successfully, we have thus passed the test of time in not just being reliable and trustworthy but in offering a quick payment policy and best rates unheard of.

We offer a World class service to all our customers. We regard you our customers as royalty as such must be treated as one.

All our agents are trained in the art of being efficient, thorough, kind and to always ensure a fantastic customer experience as much as possible. They are always ready to deliver the best of our services. This has helped us create long lasting loyal customers who have become like family under Lvxchange.com .